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Leoné Spies Studio.


3 Gwarrie Street, Wave Crest,JeffreysBay

Po Box 635, Jeffreys Bay, 6330, SOUTH AFRICA

tel +27 (0)42 2960996(home)  07911 80758 

e-mail:  leonestudio@hotmail.co.uk 



Brief History

  • Leoné Spies was born in South Africa and holds a Teachers’ Diploma in Art. She read Fine Arts at the University of South Africa and ran her own art school for children and young adults in Pretoria for ten years.
  • She launched her exhibition career in Pretoria, South Africa in 1972 by taking part in a New Signatures Exhibition of the Northern Transvaal Arts Association.
  • She held many one-man as well as  group exhibitions and her work has been sold from South African  Galleries in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bedfordview, Kaapsche Hoop, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, Plettenburg Bay and Knysna. 
  • She was invited to exhibit at the MPUMALANGA [Nelspruit] Annual Botanical Garden Exhibitions of 2000 and 2001.
  • She moved to LONDON in 2002 from where she continued her painting career. She sold work on private one-man exhibitions in Weymouth, Wimbledon and  Putney. 
  • After moving to ABERYSTWYTH in Wales in 2003 she has sold privately, as well as from galleries in Aberystwyth, Bridge Gallery and Aberaeron. She also exhibited regularly from Gallery Cambria Arts in Tregaron.
  • She was invited to present an Autumn Exhibition in  ABERYSTWYTH from Oct. to Dec. 2004. (Reviewed in Cambrian News  of 30 Dec’04)
  • In Dec. ’05 her graphic entry of “The Old Coliseum” was ‘Highly Recommended’ and displayed in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth by the organisers, Art on the Town group’s ‘Big Draw’ Competition.
  • Her last UK Exhibition of 39 pieces (of which 18 were sold) in The Morlan Centre, Aberystwyth, Wales ran from 14 September to 15 October 2009. That was in aid of the cancer charity Beacon of Hope, and part of the exhibition depicted her ongoing fight against and recovery from cancer over the last number of years. These paintings reflected on her creative exploration which as the months passed, became increasingly optimistic and joyous, filled with light and colour.

She and her husband permanently returned to South Africa in December 2009 where she is continuing her painting career from her home in Wave Crest Jeffreys Bay.

South African and International Distinctions  

  • In 1988, ‘Wilderness Dunes’ Time Share [on the Garden Route, SA] commissioned her to do twenty watercolours of Western Cape Fauna and Flora. 
  • Several of her works were purchased by The Embassy of PERU in 1996 and others were bought by private buyers from France, Holland and Ireland over the following years.  
  • Leoné took part in the 1997 Nederburg Knysna Arts Experience, WESTERN CAPE, with an exhibition of 24 works. 
  • She was one of 12 winners from 10,000 entries for the 1998 SOUTH AFRICAN BUREAU OF STANDARDS WORLD STANDARDS DAY – PAINTING DESIGN COMPETITION; Her prize being a brand new Ford Fiesta car. 
  • She took part in the International WINDSOR & NEWTON WORLD WIDE MILLENNIUM PAINTING COMPETITION in December 1998. 
  • During August 1999, four of her works were on display as part of the “Postcards fromSouth Africa” exhibition in the AXIS GALLERY, NEW YORK, from where they were exhibited at the South African Consulate inNew Yorkfor the remainder of September 1999. 
  • Leoné is represented in the 2001 Zebra Register of South African Artists & Galleries. 
  • Her updated work will soon also be available to be viewed  on: http://www.SouthAfricanArtisits.com


  • Much of Leoné’s recent work is based on the love she has developed for the Welsh and Enlish land and seascapes over the last eight years.
  • She also focusses on interiors and portrait work, but she mainly explores colour and composition through landscapes and still life studies which enables her to share her life philosophy with her viewers. To her life is vibrantly colourful with inevitable shadows in between, providing the necessary perspective and depth dimensions.
  • “I prefer to work in Impressionistic and Fauvian styles rather than the more realistic” – Leoné Spies.
  • “Her vibrantly colourful acrylics and oils depict her sensitivity to the playful [as well as serious] interaction between colour, nature, people, movement and herself, as she experiences and influences these elements on her canvas. Her graphic work, especially, carries strong reflective and symbolic elements”. –ArtCritic,PretoriaSouth Africa, 2001.
  • “The artist, Leoné Spies, several times exhibited her work in group exhibitions at the State Theatre Art Gallery (Pretoria, South Africa) during the time I was the Curator of that Gallery (i.e. December 1998 to June 2000).Artconnoisseurs as well as the general art lovers’ public frequently reacted most positively towards her works. Personally, I can affirm that the very excellent qualities and standards of her artistic oeuvre contributed much to the overall prestige of the State Theatre Art Gallery. Her forceful expressionistic style and secure colour consciousness, as well as the lyrical impact of her themes, all convey a message of abundant talent, artistic inspiration and imagination. In my opinion, Leoné Spies is a very promising artist who, in a very exciting way, has fulfilled this promise in many of the works she has executed so far.”

     Pieter W van Heerden, Director, Association of Arts Pretoria, 17 August 2001.

  • After recently relocating toSouth Africa, Leoné is exploring her unique position of dealing with life‘s similarities and differences after eight years absence from her homeland and reflecting on these ‘changed/similar’ realities through her art.  






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